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If you are a child abuse survivor, there is a widening  choice of resources that can be taken up at various stages of your recovery.




It is good that survivors can have a ‘home from home’ where they can let off steam.  If you decide to use a forum, your safety online should be paramount.  The forum must be continually monitored so that it is a safe place for you to express your thoughts and feelings.  A skilled modulator is required at all times to oversee this.  


Please read any advice given on how to conduct yourself in a chat room - that is a learning curve in itself! That’s why it is the modulator’s job to check in and ensure the environment is safe for you, and everyone else.  


Please be mindful of your own privacy when using forums.  The ‘Tag’, or ‘User Name’ that you use on forums can be searched for online, so make sure you choose an anonymous one if you don’t want people you know to read what you have been posting.


Havoca Forums is a support forum for survivors of abuse.

Safeline is a voluntary association based in the UK which has been extablished by people who were themselves sexually abused as children. is a support blog for survivors.

Online Support.